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Throk.com Reboot

I’ve finally got the ball rolling and updated my site. I created a new theme, made some custom views, and cleaned up some old problems. I’ve still got lots to do, but I can safely say that I’m done with the essentials.

Along with the basic redesign I intend on actually keeping things up to date and posting all the things I always think about. It was my intent to make it simpler and more streamlined to post content in a beautiful way. I can’t help it, if I put something online it has to be pretty.

Automatically Update Copyright Year on a Website (For Dummies)

It may seem like a trivial thing to some, but many web designers, novices, and bloggers don't know how to have the copyright year automatically update on their website.

It's true that the year should really only be updated when the content has been updated, but for small business that don't get around to updating their content much. An ancient copyright year can look bad to prospective customers.

To show the current year, just use the following PHP code snippet.