Forgot about Ubiquity?

Have you forgotten about the Firefox plugin Ubiquity?

I did for a while, but I've been using it more and more and find it to be an invaluable tool.

I just used it a few minutes ago to translate an article that my friend @Tales tweeted about editing video on non-3GS iPhones.

I've also used the edit command to mock-up screenshots for a recent proposal. You can also use it to have a little fun.

Mac OSX Must Have: Perian - Codecs for Quicktime

When I first got my MacBook Pro I was stoked. Everything was awesome, until I tried to watch/edit/do anything with video that I shot on my Casio Exlim digital camera. The camera shot video in a .AVI format, however it wasn't a 100% standard .AVI. I tore my hair out for hours. I cursed Macs. After a few days I had calmed down enough to starts the Internets... Then I found Perian, and I've never looked back.