This License Agreement for the updated iTunes and Quicktime looks a little weird.

The update for the new iTunes and Quicktime popped up on my work computer and the text in the License Agreement looked really weird.

I haven't done anything weird with the fonts on my computer or anything. Maybe Apple just doesn't want me to be able to read the agreement?

My iPod Touch has started it's journey!

I received notification last night that my iPod Touch has started it's journey to it's new home.

I'm getting the balloons and cake ready to welcome my iPod Touch to my family. Computer will love Touchy (that's what I'm going to name it, that or McTouch-a-lot). I'm sure Touchy will be hungry from his long journey from Kunshan China so I'm going to start making some egg-salad sandwiches for him.

Why do guys spit in the urinal?

It's a really weird question/observation, but all guys do it. We walk up to the urinal and we usually spit while we are undoing our pants and getting prepared to do our business. Some guys spit at the end.

I do it myself, and I can't figure out why. Like I walk up there, and then I get the urge to spit, so I do it, then I'm like why the hell did I do that? I don't get the urge to spit in my toilet at home, this phenomenon seems to only occur with urinals.