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The Ugly Water Theory

I have a theory about the water in small towns. It makes everyone who is from there... ugly. However the water can't make you ugly if you grew up with regular water. This is proven by Harrisonburg, lots of hot girls at JMU, still hot when the graduate. However they may have put on a few pounds, but they are still hot though. Harrisonburg has ugly water, just go to Walmart and you will see what I mean.

Exhibit A:

Old Postcards from VaBeach

The background with the people at the beach is actually a vintage photograph taken at Virginia Beach in 1965. I thought it was pretty cool, so I made it my background. I had a few minutes at work and I poked around a bit and found this vintage postcards from Virginia Beach.

I think this one is from the 70's.


Merry New Year - a little late

Well I know it's a little late, but Happy New Year anyways. Good luck remembering to write'06 instead of '05 on those child support checks. Lord knows I have.

And if you're wondering about resolutions, well I am simply trying to re-hash the ones I never followed through with last year, and the year before that, and well, you get the idea. Well, good luck with your resolutions, hopefully you won't fail them too miserably.

Running is fun?

For some reason we decided to pay $75 bucks for the privilege of running 13.1 miles. The funny thing is, we all had a ridiculously good time! These are pictures of Eric, Gerard, and I at the Rock'n Roll Half Marathon on September 4th 2005. Gerard and Eric made it in 2 hours and 20 mins. I made it in at 2 hours 29 mins (I had to stop and drop a load about a mile into the race). So I guess, congrats to us!