Streaming video on a Mac sucks: Use Safari


Watching streaming video on my Mac, especially fullscreen, is horribly choppy and unwatchable.


Use Safari.

Streaming video on my Mac is horrible, from any website that uses Flash or Silverlight such as Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and Amazon. It's especially bad when watching fullscreen. Much of the content I watch is HD, which doesn’t necessarily mean its 1080p, it could be 720p. So watching fullscreen usually results in the video being displayed at double or even quadruple the resolution since my Mac’s display is 1920x1200. Which leads me to believe that it may have to work harder to display the content. Which shouldn’t be the problem since I probably have a more capable system than the average user.

About my Mac

After doing a little Googling a few months ago it became clear that both Microsoft and Adobe don’t really bother optimizing Flash or Silverlight to work well on OSX. And what little they do optimize is only towards Safari. Now I can’t recall where I read this information from, but my experience has proven to me that it’s the correct assumption. I don’t use Safari for anything except testing websites I’ve built and watching videos. I don’t have any extensions installed. So one could argue that my extensions for Chrome and Firefox could interfere. I only have 3 or 4 installed in the browsers so I don’t really buy that.

I hope this little tip makes your life a little less choppy and frustrating.

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