Need Avery label templates for Photoshop?

I'm going to print up 300 CD labels for my buddies new Album. I bought the 8931 CD labels from Avery but it only came with some bullshit software that I would have to install on my computer. I went to their crappy website to look for a some sort of generic template that I could bring into Photoshop to make their label. But I couldn't find any, of course they had templates for Microsoft Word (I pause typing to make a masturbating gesture with my fist).

So I poked around the Internet and found a zip file with the labels I needed on the Adobe Exchange, of course you have to have an account to download the file. That's crap, I already had an Adobe login, so I downloaded the file and I posted it here.

You can download them directly from me.


Here's the text from the Adobe Exchange listing with all the label numbers and what-not:

Blank templates make it easier to design labels, business cards, postcards and CD/DVD labels using Adobe programs. The templates show guidelines so you can save time laying out your pages. You'll know exactly the design area to work within and how to format the page for perfect printing. The templates for each zip file above support the following Avery products: Return Address Labels Return Address Labels 80 per sheet 15267, 18167, 5167, 5267, 5667, 8167, 8667 Return Address Labels 60 per sheet 5195, 8195 Mailing Labels Mailing Labels 30 per sheet 15160, 15660, 18160, 18660, 5160, 5260, 5520, 5630, 5660, 5960, 8160, 8250, 8460, 8660 Mailing Labels 20 per sheet 5161, 5261, 5661, 5961, 8161, 8461 Mailing Labels 14 per sheet 15162, 15662, 18162, 18662, 5162, 5262, 5522, 5662, 5962, 8162, 8252, 8462, 8662 Mailing Labels 12 per sheet 6879, 8769 Mailing Labels 10 per sheet 15163, 18163, 5163, 5263, 5523, 5663, 5963, 5978, 8163, 8253, 8463, 8663, 8763 Mailing Labels 6 per sheet 5164, 5264, 5524, 5664, 8164, 8254, 8464 Mailing Labels 4 per sheet 6878, 8768 Shipping Labels Shipping Labels 2 per sheet 5126, 8126 Business Cards Business Cards 10 per sheet 25371, 26550, 26551, 27870, 27871, 27876, 27881, 27882, 28371, 28873, 28876, 28877, 5371, 5372, 5376, 5377, 5871, 5872, 5873, 5876, 5877, 5878, 5911, 6235, 8271, 8371, 8372, 8374, 8376, 8377, 8379, 8471, 8476, 8571, 8871, 8872, 8873, 8876, 8877, 8878, 8879 Business Cards 8 per sheet 28373, 5881, 8373, 8869 Postcards Postcards 4 per sheet 3263, 3380, 8387 Postcards 2 per sheet 28389, 3248, 5889, 8386, 8389 CD/DVD Media CD/DVD Labels 2 per sheet 5692, 5931, 6692, 8691, 8692, 8699, 8931, 8942, 8962 CD Jewel Case Inserts 2 per sheet 5691, 5693, 6691, 6693, 8693, 8931, 8941, 8943


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Let me guess, The crappy software that came with the labels wasn't even mac compatible? :-P


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That is seriously retarded, I never install that software crap, I just work around it :) Thanks for the link though, might come in handy!

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aww why you gotta bash on Microsoft Word.... us Editors gotta use something!

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Thanks for the link. I use Open Office, and somehow the mailing label template got screwed up and I couldn't fix it. APE6 is easier for me to apply graphics anyway.

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just what I was looking for, thanks for the CD file!

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Hey man ... I'm try to design some new business cards and I'm using Avery Clean Edge Business card #8879 and it would be so much easier if I had the Template to design in Photoshop instead of Microsoft word. Do you by any chance have a copy?

Annoyed in Alabama

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Lovely! Yer the best...thanks.

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Hey thanks! I've wasted a couple of hours on AppleWorks 6 .. which has the templates for 8163 but just was 'not doing it'. This was dead simple. Thanks again.


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You're right, you have to have an account to download the file, and it is crap...thanks for posting this!


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Funniest and most helpful blog entry I have seen for ages. Cheers.

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Thank you so much for these. I cringed when I opened the template for Word and realized it'd be much easier to do custom labels with Photoshop. Thanks again.

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if only the world could be managed by people more like you there would be less of a deficit, less losing wars, less poor mofos going hungry, less of all that crap...
but corporate and government America and world love to waste and produce un necessary and unneeded garbage to waste the time and energy of the masses.

and why do I have to pay $38 at staples for avery's golden toilet paper labels.

friggin sucks... thanks for making it more bearable

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HOORAY!!! **Thank you** for doing the decent thing here and letting people actually use these templates! One tiny victory in my never-ending campaign to stay out of corporate databases.

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Thanks a million. This is exactly what I needed for Postcards. Happy Holidays, john

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TY! when I printed out it didn't turn out good... it didn't print in the whole circle of the page specially in the bottom area ... Do I need to export first and then put it on a word document the sheet format i bought is 5931/8931
Thanks in advance

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Hilarious, I made that same hand gesture when I landed on the avery page. What a bunch of assholes. You sir, are the anti-dote to shitty Avery software.

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HA! I love your commentary at the beginning...sounds exactly the way I sounded when I learned you could only use the templates for Microsoft Word. I mean c'mon!!!!!
These templates are perfect...thank you! :)

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I went through the same scenario. Then found the Adobe site, said "fuck that." thank god you're also on the top page rank in the search. Thanks!

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Yay! You have no idea how many hours I dicked around with this before i found your site and 10 minutes later I had the job done.

Thank you.

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Thank you. I am also a Mac, and I had just about given up! Thanks so much!

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All I have are the ones listed above. I found these off of the adobe developer exchange originally ( ) you can try that.

Also, business cards might be a little easier since they are square you can set your document to 300dpi and make the size 8.5x11 and if you measure you your own guides, if you print it full size w/o adjusting it to fit to your paper you should be ok.

Good luck!

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You probably have your guides turned off. I think it's under the "Views" menu option.
Also I think Ctrl+; will turn guides on for you.