Checking in with Songbird.

Songbird is basically what would happen if iTunes and Firefox got together and made some sweet love'n. However Songbird isn't some sort of bastard offspring, it's had it's gene's manipulated to remove walled garden of iTunes and any trace of Steve Job's freakish control over your media.

Songbird is backed by the Mozilla Foundation, the same people that gave us Firefox. I tried Songbird a year or so ago when it was still a very early version, I want to say version 0.1 or 0.2, it seemed cool but as definitely far from stable. However I recently downloaded version 0.4 and I have to say that it is far more stable than iTunes ever has been in windows. That really isn't saying too much considering the windows version of iTunes is basically the programmatic equivalent of an aborted fetus of an alcoholic crackhead mother.

There are many add-ons for Songbird. There is one in particular that supports basic MP3 player syncing and with all iPods with the exception of the iPhone and the iPod Touch (which means me :-( ). Songbird makes listening and discovering new music much more of an immersive and exciting experience. If any of this is sounding the least bit enticing to you, I highly suggest you download it immediately and play around with it. You won't be disappointed!