Vista Fix: Open URL's from Adobe AIR apps into Firefox instead of Internet Explorer

I hate IE, it's a piece of crap. I especially hate it when my beloved Adobe AIR applications like Twhirl and Pownce open URL's into Internet Explorer Even though Firefox is my default. This only happens in Windows Vista and not Windows XP.

Well, there is a simple fix, It turns out that you have to be more explicit when telling Vista what your default browser is. I found the answer way down this page in Adobe's KB.

  1. Go to Start
  2. Default Programs
  3. Set Program Access and Computer Defaults
  4. Expand Custom, then select the default browser (for example, Mozilla Firefox)
  5. Click Ok
  6. Never use IE again!

All fixed!


Richard's picture

Even more interestingly, I went and downloaded FF3 rc1, and that showed up in the list, but not Flock. So, looks like it's a Flock issue. I set this to FF3, works great! Good work around

Caio Iglesias's picture

My computer won't save the changes I make! As soon as I click OK it switches everything back to "use my current...". IE keeps opening from AIR apps no matter what I do :@

TJ Thompson's picture

I have XP SP2 and this issue is with IE 6,7,8 and Safari 3. I tried what it said above, but it didn't work.