FYI: Using Multiple apps on the iPhone to create cool videos

By using multiple apps on the iPhone you can create some pretty cool stuff.

I routinely use multiple photo manipulation apps to create more interesting pictures to post on Twitter and BrightKite. This probably isn't a new idea to anyone, but I bet not as many people have experimented with a few of the different video apps out there. They are a great way to make your crappy improvised videos look more interesting.

I used the stock Camera App to record the video of a cup of coffee on my desk at work with the light glinting off the coffee as my fan disturbed the surface. I then used SlowMo [iTunes link] to slow the video down about 2.9 times normal speed. I then used ReelDirector [iTunes link] to put the beginning and end titles as well as the blur in/out effect. The beginning and end titles happen a little too fast b/c the clip is only 11 seconds long, but you get the idea.