Which one?



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I like #1 (with the blue backdrop) more on first glance.

The second set is damn close to the palette I picked out for my portfolio site, which I'm about 3 years behind on creating.

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Yeah, I like the blue one better too. I was taking a break from work and I wanted to just mess around in Photoshop for a few mins.

Yeah, websites are a pain, b/c they are never finished and it always takes waaaay longer than you would ever think!

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The first one definitely has a bit more *spark* to it, though the second is a close... second.

These are pretty nifty ways to think up a primary color theme... definitely going to steal this idea :].

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Thanks for the input. If I'm at work and I need to do creative stuff I have to do something like this just messing around when I hit a wall or I feel out of inspiration.

For color ideas here are some good resources, shoot... i was gonna start posting a bunch of links and stuff, but it might be better served by a blog post. And here it is >