Fun with spam

Surprisingly a piece of spam mail made it into my GMail account. It doesn't have any advertisements for it or anything, and it appears it came through AOL.

The text, as well as the layout is quite puzzling.


The full text is below:

confessed the concealed steel. But the Professor did not look round. Syme, but kept her eyes fixed upon John's face and her hand upon his arm. "Oh, I's been workin' on de railroad and at intervals came the swinging detonations of the three guns. In the "What was that?" asked Syme. that mingled with the melting freshness of the wild strawberries on the "Have you," he cried in a dreadful voice, "have you ever suffered?"


He held up his hand, and there came out of the thicket a long growlingexcept the President and his personal secretary. What can it mean?"

a pink knitted shawl, carrying a tray with glasses.


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Of course, it's so funny. If you (spammer) send spam mails, why not include some spam stuffs. Perhaps, he has some uncommon plans that we might not be familiar.