May 2009

Fun with spam

Surprisingly a piece of spam mail made it into my GMail account. It doesn't have any advertisements for it or anything, and it appears it came through AOL.

The text, as well as the layout is quite puzzling.


The full text is below:

Free iPhone & MP3 Ringtone: The Cougar (greatest ringtone ever invented)

After I first saw The Italian Spiderman, I really wanted to have that cougar sound clip that that is used in the videos. So I searched all over the Internets and I found that same audio file. I edited and tweaked it into what I believe is the greatest ringtone to have ever been invented by a mere mortal, but that's just my opinion.

I created a version for my iPhone but there is also an MP3 version too if your phone supports it.

Preview the greatest ringtone ever!