November 2008


My ugly mug

My name is Joel and this is my website/blog (whatever).

It's always half broken because it serves as a place to try out new things. If you're using Internet Explorer, then this website will look like crap; use Firefox instead.


Free Green Apple Wallpaper


I decided to make a simple wallpaper inspired by the Apple logo.

The screenshot above is using the 1920x1200 version on my 17inch MacBook Pro.

It's available in three sizes to fit most laptop screens.


Today is Friday


Today was the end to a very long week. Not really a bad week, but just long and exhausting.

One of the big things, at least blog wise, is that I successfully converted my 4 year old WordPress self-hosted blog into Drupal. And everything went quite well! The thing I'm missing the most is comment integration with Feedburner, I want it to be able to show the number of comments on my posts. That is something that happens automatically with WordPress since it is the most popular blogging platform in the known universe.