June 2008

Country Line Dancing is a Unique Phenomenon

Prologue: I went to this bar last night: The Banque.

Every song has its own dance, and everyone knows the dances. It's amazing how the first few seconds of a song plays, and if people know the dance to it they rush to the dance floor.

No power

No power
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The power is out. Its a good thing I bought those cheap candles from wall mart 3 years ago...

300 Spoof

This is probably really old, but I just ran across it. It's pretty damn funny; obviously the guys who made it love The Office.

Edit: Well apparently this is going to be a full fledged movie, the305movie.com

TRUCK @ the Norva 5/30/08

TRUCK headlined at the Norva last month (May 30th) they put on a hell of a show and I managed to snap a few pictures and take some video in between beers.
Tomorrow, June 22nd, they will be opening up for Less than Jake at the Norva. I still haven't gotten my ticket yet, I heard they are going for $300 on eBay which seems reasonable considering they are awesome like sliced bread.

Pictures From Stockholm

I just got back from going to the ITEC 2008 Expo in Stockholm. We had an extra day to cram in all the touristy stuff. Here are the resulting pictures.