May 2008

Need Avery label templates for Photoshop?

I'm going to print up 300 CD labels for my buddies new Album. I bought the 8931 CD labels from Avery but it only came with some bullshit software that I would have to install on my computer. I went to their crappy website to look for a some sort of generic template that I could bring into Photoshop to make their label. But I couldn't find any, of course they had templates for Microsoft Word (I pause typing to make a masturbating gesture with my fist).

FIOS installed, here is the speed test

I just got my Verizon FIOS Internet and Cable.

I went to and ran a test.

speed test results

That's 15,489 kb/s down and 13,601 kb/s up. I did test with my MacBook Pro over WiFi connect to the Verizon wireless G router. I should be getting 15 kb/s up, I'll have to test this with a wired connection later.

I'll blog about my experience with it more later.

Shows That I DVR

So I'm sitting here waiting for the Verizon guy to come and install my FIOS Internet and TV. So I need to make a list of what shows I have set to record on my old DVR. Please note, many of these shows are my girlfriends!

  1. Entourage
  2. 30 Rock
  3. Three Sheets
  4. South Park
  5. Heroes
  6. The Office
  7. Law & Order
  8. Wired Science
  9. Dirty Jobs
  10. MythBusters
  11. America's Next Top Model [girlfriend]
  12. One Tree Hill [girlfriend]
  13. John Adams
  14. Cash Cab

The Key to Kick-ASS Coffee

No matter what brand of coffee you buy or how you brew it. The way you grind it has a lot to do with the quality of coffee that you're gonna get.