March 2008

Inkscape versus Ilustrator: Bitmap Tracing

I had to vectorize a small logo. In the logo was the picture of eagle. After trying to use Illustrator CS3 to get a good vector representation of the bitmap image without much luck; I decided to download Inkscape and use that to trace the image. Wow, super easy. Not to mention open source (ie free).

Checking in with Songbird.

Songbird is basically what would happen if iTunes and Firefox got together and made some sweet love'n. However Songbird isn't some sort of bastard offspring, it's had it's gene's manipulated to remove walled garden of iTunes and any trace of Steve Job's freakish control over your media.

SNL Digital Shorts

I don't watch SNL anymore, but the digital shorts are always funny.

This one just makes me laugh: Andy Popping Into Frame.

Roy Rules!