February 2008

Comcast paid people to prevent others from getting into FCC hearing

I'm not one of those politically active kind of people, but this really steams my ass! Comcast apparently bused in a bunch of people for the FCC hearing concerning Comcast's filtering of Bittorent traffic on Feb. 25. They got there a full 90 minutes before the hearing. It seems that they all wore highlighters clipped onto their lapels or shirt necks to identify each other.

Images: Commander Naval Surface Forces logo/seal

Last night I was working on a retirement booklet for a guy. And he needed this logo on the front. But I couldn't find one bigger than 150 pixels anywhere! By some weird chance this guy at work had this logo in a PowerPoint file; totally saved my ass.

So I'm posting it here for the next poor sap that has to search out this logo.


Collar Stay Hack

Collar Stays, those plastic things that go inside your collar to keep it "perky" always seem to get lost or bent out of shape. This is something I would A) never remember to buy and B) wouldn't have the first idea where to start, other than online.