January 2008

Awesome Antique Spy Guns: Ring Guns, Pen Guns

This is totally rad, this website has a bunch of pictures of rare antique guns, many of which are from the late 1800's. If you think the guns Q made for James Bond, then you have to check all of them out. (About 20 or so guns) Here's the link

Glove Gun


Ring Gun

Rad Show - Video Bl*gging done....right?

I've always thought of a Video blog as being something that's really... a thing that would be... something I find... Well just totally stupid, who wants to watch your fat head talking about what you ate today or how the janitor at work made you feel stupid for not knowing how to add two cells together from two different Excel worksheets.

New Pownce Desktop App! Oh yeah it went public today too.

In case your had your head stuck in the sand, you've probably heard about Pownce has left private beta and is now public beta.

Anyway, I'm writing this because I'm totally stoked about the new desktop app. One of the most nicest things is that you can reply to post directly from the app. This is really nice since for some reason Adobe Air seems to love opening links only through Internet Explorer, this is the case in Vista at least.

This just in from MacWorld - Screw the iPod Touch Users: You should have bought an iPhone.

Well I decided to follow some live blogging from MacWorld. It's still going on right now. But I wanted to take a hot second to rant. The iPhone got a few new features announced, Google Maps with location features, webclips (saving website content to the home screen), SMS multiple people at once, lyrics, and standard DVD like functions (chapters languages, subtitles). All these features will be available FREE!

Why Do Slacks Have So Many Buttons/Clasps?

Hot-Pants Recently at work they have instituted a dress code policy. Apparently government contracting and web startup mentality don't mix. So out with the flip-flops and in with the dress slacks.