November 2007

The first picture of my nephew!

Here is the first picture of my nephew, David.

Ultra Sound Picture - Dave III

It's a little hard to see, but you can  make out his face. This of course is an ultra-sound picture or something. He'll be popping out mid February!

This is so crazy!

How To Access the Main Timeline in Flash Actionscript 3

I recently had to port a project that I am working on to Actionscript 3 from Actionscript 2. It was a pretty smooth transition until I came to a point where I needed to access the main timeline within a dynamically placed movieclip. I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out how to freaking access the main timeline!

In Actionscript 2 it would be


To do this in Actionscript 3


Twitter Stuff

Well, I started getting back into Twitter kinda recently.

I've already quit it once, however I have taken it back up since it has pretty good integration into Facebook. I don't like updating my status or my away message on all the different instant messaging platforms and social networks and such. So in that respect, Twitter seems to work pretty well.