October 2007

State Abbreviation List

[Updated 9 / 18 / 2013: Now you can get all 50 states plus DC and all possessions]

I couldn't find a list of State abbreviations that I could quickly use as options for a drop-down list for an address component for a project I'm working on. So I have a complete list of the 50 states in excel, csv, arrays, and text format. See the links

Only the 50 States

(does not include D.C. or U.S. Possessions)

Simplify your life: Never Remember Your House Keys Again

I was just going through my Google Reader and skimming through the posts from Lifehacker that I haven't read yet and it gave me the idea that might help someone out.
A few months back I the deadbolt on my front door broke, so I went to Home Depot to buy a new one. As I was browsing the different deadbolt choices I came across this.

Keypad Deadbolt

Can I post to wordpress with my iPod Touch?

I guess it does work however I can't use the visual editor which isn't a big deal since Im not going to be adding tons of pics or anything. So far this iPod Touch is the shiznit.
So i guess this means the iphone will work too!