June 2007

Spam Comments to Date

Well it looks like the spam commenters have not forgotten about my humble little space of sweetness in the "blog-o-sphere."

To date, My Akismet spam blocker has blocked 2,168 spam comments. I wonder how fast I can get to 3,000?

Sticky Yard: Measure with a camera

I just found out today about this cool new invention called Sticky Yard, basically it's a yard stick sized thing that you can stick up on something like a house, for example, and you can then take a picture to measure it. This system uses a program that can find the length between any two points in a picture by using the Sticky Yard as a reference.

It seems simple enough, but it is something that can be very useful. I was thinking how it could help 3D modelers quickly model buildings, cars, and other things.