April 2007

Considering being a Twitter Quitter

Twitter Logo

I think I'm going to be another twitter quitter.

I can see why it might be fun/interesting, however my friends are just not dorky enough to even care to know what Twitter is all about.

VT Tragedy

VT Black Ribbon

Its awful how things like this happen these days. I just wanted to take a second and express the great sadness that I feel for the 20-22 30 people's lives that were ended prematurely today at Virginia Tech.

Sort Happy Hours by Day

I'm very excited to say that I have just added the functionality to view happy hours for a particular day in a table so that they can be easily referenced and compared! This should allow for the user to find the happy hour information that they want, when the want it!

Also, the user has the option to sort the list by start/end time, alphabetically, and by city.

Apple and EMI to offer DRM FREE! Singles

I just heard this on NPR, EMI has reached an agreement with Apple. This is simply a small step, however it's going to cost 30 cents more. at $1.29 instead of $0.99. Also, the audio quality, I'm guessing the bit-rate, will be higher. I think this is a good move, obviously we won't move straight into DRM territory. Also, in my opinion, this is good, most people just buy the singles anyways. Maybe this will help the sales of other songs as well? I know that it has been said that the single died with the advent of the CD.

spam recieved to date

I guess this is a milestone, I might as well as blog about it since it is a timely matter. My Akismet spam blocker has blocked 1,101 spam comments to date.

The funny thing is, I haven't gotten a single real comment the whole time! :-(

Where is the love people?

Weird, the nifty spell-check function in word press doesn't recognize the word blog!

Why do guys spit in the urinal?

It's a really weird question/observation, but all guys do it. We walk up to the urinal and we usually spit while we are undoing our pants and getting prepared to do our business. Some guys spit at the end.

I do it myself, and I can't figure out why. Like I walk up there, and then I get the urge to spit, so I do it, then I'm like why the hell did I do that? I don't get the urge to spit in my toilet at home, this phenomenon seems to only occur with urinals.