March 2007

Fun with SPAM

I get lots of SPAM emails, like pretty much everyone does. I actually took a second to look at some of the nonsense that one of these emails had. The funny thing is, I have no idea what this spam e-mail was about. It wasn't trying to get me to buy in drugs for "erectile dysfunction" or anything. It just had an image in it, followed by what looks to be nonsense.

Truck: "311 on 3-11" Show

Truck had another great show at Croc's this past Saturday. At midnight it officially became March 3rd or 3-11; so in honor of the band 311 Truck played nothing but 311 songs until 2:00am. Coincidentally that is when the clocks turned back for daylight savings time.

You have two options to see the pictures.

My Thoughts On Underwear

As I was working out in the gym today I found myself constantly picking the wedgy that seemed to be consistently working its way into my ass. You might ask, "Joel, why was your underwear creeping over to your ass so much today?"

Well my friend, the culprit is novelty/holiday/generic boxers! All of us guys have gotten them, be i the underwear with the hearts for Valentine's Day or the one's with Santa Claus for X-Mas.