August 2006

Picasa: One of the greatest things ever!

Picasa LogoPicasa by Google is the shit. This is the best, easiest and most comprehensive photo organization tool out there. And the best part is it's completely FREE! Everyone takes digital pictures and everyone can download them onto their computer. is a scam

I bought some posters from a while back, 9 months to be exact, and after I bought the posters I was given the option to sign up for shopper discounts. Everything seemed pretty legit since was pushing it. So I was like what the hell!

New Laptop

Well I got my new laptop the other day. Its pretty bad ass, hopefully it will help me get websites done a little faster and allow me to take work with me to Starbucks or wherever. The finish on it is this glossy black, and on the inside it has a cool etched look. I went ahead and got the mongo battery so it should last me about 5 hours with heavy use!